What is dubstep music?

What is dubstep music?

Hearing dubstep at least once, you will realize that it is not confused with any other style of music. It’s a sound that penetrates every cell in your brain.

Some people say that dubstep has absorbed the best of the latest electronic trends. It develops according to what time offers. Here you can find everything from slow meditative tracks to crazy aggressive works. Therefore, the main attraction of this genre lies in this diversity.


The dubstep musical movement originates on the shores of  Foggy Albion  since the end of the 1990s. The first experiment was a hybrid of electronic music, such as 2-step, garage and grime.

According to one version, the word “dubstep” comes from the name of the album “Dubstep allstars vol.1”, released in 2003, which was mixed by DJ Hatcha, who became a legend in this sphere. And also the word “dub” refers to decomposition of the songs into its component parts.

It is not surprising that the phenomenon of dubstep happened in London. This city with its unique atmosphere is not like any other in Europe. Life in there is a constant movement and interaction with people of different origins and different cultures. And dubstep absorbs all the features of this life, presenting the results to the audience.

The features of the current genre that blew up the music world are low-frequency, viscous “bass” lining and breakbeat. Dubstep can have its own melody, but it usually only serves to create a certain mood. Due to the fact that musicians are constantly searching and experimenting a lot, the tracks can be found as often changing, pulsating rhythm and untouched timid vocal.

The sound of dubstep that we have today was developed in 1999-2000, thanks to producers El-B and Zed Bias and their experiments with varieties of UK garage vibes. After the show “Dubstep wars”, aired in early 2006, from an easy hand of show hostess Mary Ann Hobbs went a real blast of dubstep popularity in the UK and all around the world. Many significant publications began to write about this genre, and MTV Base VSS even made films devoted to dub.


And the fact that dubstep was formed without any support of the popular music press and major labels deserves our special attention.

Today there are some new names that develop this style, bringing something of its sound. For example, faster and “clumsy” sound has attained great popularity thanks to musician and producer of Skrillex, as well as music trio Noisia. Emika is another star of the club scene, who struck the listener with a deep, intense sound. Addictive, cosmic sounds are more suitable to think about something.

In conclusion, it is necessary to add the words of Korn frontman Jonathan Davis: “Dubstep is the future; it’s the new hip-hop, it’s the new metal, it’s the new everything”.